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We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the “Talent Economics” Conference

HRM Solutions hosts its very first conference on “Talent Economics” at the Ritz Carlton DIFC Dubai. HRM Solutions a Leading Executive Search firm specializing in Twenty First Century Talent from across the globe and Dubai home to many of us.

This event is part of the ever growing need of identifying the right talent and being able to nurture and retain such talent, given the fast changing environment technologically and in “Disruptive Space”.

To lead the forum and present some of his ground-breaking research, we have invited  Gyan Nagpal, an award winning Talent Strategist and the Bestselling Author of Talent Economics, as a headline speaker. Based in Singapore a former Deutsche Banker, Gyan has amassed a formidable global following for his ideas on Twenty First  century talent.  His last key-note presentation in Dubai ( Arab Health 2015 ) was attended by over 200 CEO s and Talent Aquisition Heads. He brings to the table an how an outside-in approach to workforce analytics can help you make better hiring decision to help and build a customized  talent risk map for your business

Techniques to facilitate strategic and commercial talent conversations with business leaders.

Date: Monday, October 24, 2016

Location: The Ritz Carlton, Dubai International Financial Center

Speaker: Coffee Morning with Gyan Nagpal

Attendees: Google DIFC, Landmark Dubai Properties, EMAAR, Al-Naboodah